The Important Role of HR Managers in Corporate HR Planning

Company growth is influenced by the quality of human resources (HR). The first thing to do is a systematic workforce planning process. Human Resources Department (HRD) is an essential division in determining the success of HR planning since the HRD team is in charge of recruiting quality HR for the company.

The Important Role of HR Managers in Corporate HR Planning

A HR manager plays an essential role in the company. Without the HR Manager, the company will not get the best employees with the required expertise. There are three reasons why a HR Manager plays a vital role in the success of every company:

1. Having the Duty to Recruit the Best Employees

Even though it sounds simple, recruiting employees is a somewhat complicated process. The process of hiring employees starts with finding candidates, conducting interviews, and conducting onboarding for new employees. All these tasks are handled together within the HRD.

2. Having Broad Insights to Improve Company Business

HR managers have a unique view of the company and the people in it. According to a survey, as many as 65{3f1fffb3da741762ebf0cf7bd9c184f4fe58cbfb78e40d6826a469fd8d361e3a} of CEOs said that HR opinions could have a significant influence on company management. If everything goes according to plan, the HR department has a deep understanding of expertise and how employees can work. A capable HR department will help the company get the best employee performance and retain them.

3. Having Duty to Motivate Employees

There are several ways for HR Managers to motivate employees in the company.

  • Creating a comfortable and pleasant work atmosphere
  • Motivating employees to learn and keep developing
  • Making it easier for employees to coordinate with the directors
  • Setting a good example for all employees. Since a good leader is not the one who can set an example for his staff
  • Consider giving bonuses and incentives to employees

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