DJI OM 5 The Most Well-refined Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Technology is rapidly evolving. This fact is proven by the daily release of tech devices all over the world. With the advancement in engineering loads of innovations are being introduced in already existing devices. Facilities in the devices that were not even thought of a decade ago have several generations already. The latest release of these gadgets is based on research and development, giving the users a better experience than the previous one and sometimes a better experience than the other similar products in the market.

Mobile phones pack nearly unlimited features. The most recent models have the capability of filming excellent quality videos and photos. What mobiles lack is the stability feature in the footage. DJI Osmo Mobile 5 gimbal is here to put a stop to the shaky filming when you are filming through a mobile device. It is extremely easy to attach your phone to the gimbal and use it while you are hiking on difficult terrain, surfing on the waves, filming your kids playing, or simply making a vlog while sitting at your table.

DJI OM 5 packs a lot of stuff in terms of design and functionality. When it comes to the physicality of the gimbal, it has come a long way from its first generation. It is nearly half the weight and size of its ancestral version. It is practically capable of fitting in the pocket with ease. At 290gm, DJI Osmo Mobile 5 is the lightest among the competitor gimbals available in the market.

The grip of the OM 5 gimbal fits the palm of your hand. Its lightweight (about 290 gm) makes it easier to carry while filming on the move. Filming on the move means you have to have a steady hand to make a professional-quality video. The 3-axis stabilization (tilt, roll, and pan) capability doesn’t care how much you are moving your hands or how much the hold is unsteady. The smart algorithm of the OM 5 keeps the focus on the frame with excellent stability. Activetrack 4.0 keeps its focus at an impressive speed of 5m/s (as long as the subject is within 180 degrees).

There are very few gimbals offering an extension road for wide-angle filming. DJI Om 5 is the best because it is lightweight. The Zhiyun smooth X gimbal is DJI OM 5s closest competition among the extendable gimbals, but its weight of over 580 grams makes it tiresome to use for a long period.

For content creators who like to have phone covers for accessories attachment, OM 5 makes it easy to use over the phone cover by its flexible clamp. There is no need to take the phone out of the phone cover to fit the clamp before attaching it to the gimbal.

The only reduction in the OM 5 is its battery capacity from the previous versions. At 1000mAh, the gimbal can be used for 6 hours (when kept stable throughout the usage). The plus side is the quick charging due to the small battery size (Charging time of 90 minutes when charged with a 10 watt charger).